Vehicle diagnostics

With the introduction of Catalytic Converters, the fuel injection system came of age. Carburettors could no longer provide the degree of fuel control required by the new engine management systems. Every new car since 1993 (K Reg) has come equipped with fuel injection of one kind or another, controlled by a computer. Engine management computers on these early vehicles had more processing power than the ones that helped put man on the moon.

An illuminated engine warning light

Means your vehicle’s ECM has detected an emission related fault.

Depending on the nature of the fault, your engine may not run as well as it normally does, or it may use more fuel than usual. These problems requires attention as soon as possible. It may affect the result of the MOT emission test and have harmful effects on public health. 

There is no way to determine the nature of the problem without connecting a diagnostics computer to the vehicle's ECM connector to read the fault codes). Once this has been done, Further diagnosis is required to determine the actual the correct parts can be replaced.

We don't keep fitting parts until the fault is fixed.

It is not just a matter of reading the code and changing the part

Common reasons for the check engine light to come on is due to the failure of an engine sensor such as the oxygen, temperature or manifold absolute pressure sensors, these are just a few, or on rare occasions the catalytic converter.

We use the latest Snap-on diagnostic test equipment, and ‘Volkswagen Group’ dedicated diagnostic test equipment. 

A scan of the vehicle management system can normally be carried out within one hour, which we charge £35.00 +vat, if after you decide to go a head with the repair work, we give 10% off the diagnostic scan if the work is carried out on the same day. 

Courtesy car's are available, please ask at time of booking.